Mini Skip Hire

If the waste from your project is starting to pile up, then look no further. Hire a mini skip for up to 7 days.
If getting a road permit is problem we can also leave the skip for as little as 2 hours negating the need.*
*Subject to availability

Call us today – 07773 597601

What can I put in the skip

2 Yard Skip for visual representation
Sizes are approximations
  • Garden Waste
  • Building Waste
  • Cardboard
  • Hardcore
  • Wood
  • Household Waste

We can offer a better price on disposal of brick, soil, concrete or turf.

With us you can rest assured that your waste is disposed of in a legal and environmentally friendly way and usually the most cost effective.

Load & go

When you need your site cleared quickly, or if your site is in a tricky location, we can provide a convenient wait and load skip service.

A Heanor mini skips lorry down a thin alley
  • Great if you need to get rid of your waste quickly.
  • No permit required.
  • Typically we can turn up within 2 hours*.
  • Great for picking up waste were access, permits or location may be an issue.

*Subject to availability

Call us today – 07773 597601

We also can deliver

  • Road stone.
  • Screened top-soil.
  • Bark/Wood chippings.

Contact us today to get the availability and best price.

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