Hire T&C’s

If you are looking for a list of what you can put in our skips then check out or services page.

Prohibited items – What items can’t I put in my skip?

  • Asbestos.
  • Tyres.
  • Fluorescent tubes.
  • Fridges.
  • paint and paint tins.
  • Medical waste.
  • Gas cylinders.
  • Solvents, oil, petrol, diesel and explosives.

Fridges and Freezers – Can I put a fridge/freezer in my skip?

You cannot put a fridge/freezer in the skip. Some councils offer a free collection service for refrigeration units, otherwise you may have to take it to your local tip or pay for a specialist collection.

Asbestos – Can I put asbestos in my skip?

You cannot put asbestos in a skip and it cannot be re-used or recycled. You must contact a specialist hazardous waste removal company regarding asbestos removal.

Heanor Mini Skips reserve the right to refuse removal of waste from a property if the skip is not filled in a safe way or the skip is filled beyond its capacity.

If you have any questions regarding what can or can’t be put in a skip then do not hesitate to contact us: 07773597601

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